After creating his own jewlery line in 2006, the designer Adrien Haddad launched in 2009, his first eponymous brand of leather clothes in collaboration with Thibault Dollet.

Inspired by Parisian fashion and vintage style, Hoon aims to propose high-quality and timeless garments.

All his clothes are exclusively made in France by the best craftsmen of Paris.

Who are you?
Adrien Haddad, founder of Hoon. A passionate for leather goods, vintage and craftmanship.

How did you start in fashion?
Since my childhood I had something with leather goods. I love to learn about it, how they are made, deigned ... I've always collect all sort of things. I used to keep intact my toys packaging, exposing it in my room as in a museum. Growing up, I wanted to make my own products, learning why some products as something while other don't.

How would you define your style?
We want to create pieces that one day will become vintage inheritance. We're inspired by craftmanship, manufacturing and real use of garments, more than by a dream, an abstract vision of style like a lot of designers.

What inspires you?
Vintage pieces and passion for my work. We love ancient methods of manufacturing and reasons why products are made. I love spending hours with craftsman, hearing about their work. They're rich of culture ad know-how. I always learn a lot and bring new ideas out of it. The most important for a clothe is the way it has been designed.

What's your favorite piece in our selection?
The classic teddy. have in several leathers, simple yet perfectly cut with uncluttered finishes.

What are you most proud of?
Every season, every collection we try to improve tourselves, doing the best we can. We often spend several months, and even years on the developpement of a leather, a shape, a new manufacturing technic. It's a permanent learning process. And when we get there, it's the best part for me !

Where do you manufacture your products?
All our products are made in Paris in our workshop and our craftsman. We check every single step of the production.

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Racer Jacket


Racer Jacket


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Biker Jacket


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Suede Jacket


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Tyler Jacket



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